About me

Hello! I’m Mara…

My husband always says worrying is my favourite hobby. Whether it is what to wear, the weather or where to go on holiday, I tend to worry. And just when I thought I couldn’t worry anymore, I found out I was to become a mum.

Anyone who is expecting to be a mum will know that actually this time can be overwhelming and bring on some extreme anxieties. But how do you cope with this?

Well, my solution was to use mindfulness techniques based on my Psychology background. After talking with other mums and mums-to-be I decided to share my experiences of pregnancy and motherhood along with tips and advice for how mindfulness could help.

Just so you know a bit more about me: I like browsing on ZARA.com, long walks, a good siesta or two, a white wine spritzer, wearing pyjamas, going short city breaks,  cuddles, candles, watching The Notebook and, of course looking after my son Ollie.